Top 20 shareholders​

The goals set out in our 2020Vision will ensure that the economies, regions and environments in which Sappi operates will benefit from our presence. They’ll also provide enhanced returns for our shareholders.

At the end of March 2019, the split of our shareholders by geographic region is:

  • South Africa – 62%
  • United States of America – 16%
  • Rest of the world – 22%


Our top 20 largest shareholders are:

Public Investment Corporation, South Africa
Prudential Investment Managers, South Africa
Allan Gray Pty Ltd, South Africa
BlackRock Inc, United States of America
Fairtree Capital Pty Ltd, South Africa
Dimensional Fund Advisors, United States of America
The Vanguard Group Inc, United States of America
GIC Asset Management Pte Ltd, Singapore
Abax Investments, South Africa
Sanlam Investment Management Pty Ltd, South Africa
Investec Asset Management, South Africa
STANLIB Asset Management, South Africa
Old Mutual Ltd, South Africa
State Street Global Advisors Ltd, United States of America
Acadian Asset Management, United States of America
RMB Morgan Stanley Pty Ltd, South Africa
Polunin Capital Partners Ltd, United Kingdom
Sentio Capital Management, South Africa
Rezco Asset Management, South Africa
Eskom Pension & Provident Fund, South Africa


Robert V Rosenthal
Investor Relations Manager
255 State Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02109
United States of America
+1 617 423 5413
+1 617 423 5494

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Our policy is to consider dividends on an annual basis.

Sappi is followed by a number of market analysts. Their names and contact details can be found herein.